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For a very long time, it was pizza delivery that made our weekends more fun and warm. But now the whole concept of meal delivery has changed. These days you can order almost anything from the comfort of your home. From your favorite meat dishes to continental and fast food too, there isn’t anything that you can get at your doorstep with just a click on your phone.

Food delivery apps have made it easier for everyone to eat whatever they crave and whenever they crave. Similarly, Yum Crust has come up with a very innovating and amazing food delivery platform that connects skillful home chefs to food enthusiasts sitting in their homes. We have come up with this extraordinary way to make sure talented home chefs get to cook foods they excel in. In fact, our meal kits are a way to go greener as well. When you order home-cooked meal according to your need, you make sure there is no food wastage. You can also cut down on food waste by not buying unnecessary grocery.

We have hired numerous home chefs known for the magic they bring to your food. These home chefs can customize your order as per your taste and requirement. They understand how important it is to give your meal a homely feel. And that homely feel can only come when they add ingredients and spices just as you like. Our chefs always take care to give your food a blend of your unusual choices. No matter what ingredients you are allergic to or what ingredients you dislike. You can always personally let our chefs know and they will take care of the rest.

Our vision is to make it as convenient for food lovers as possible to order food in the right portion and right way. Our easy to use food delivery app allows you to choose from a vast array of food choices. We prepare healthy foods using fresh ingredients. The food is always piping hot when it reaches your doorstep. So you can always have a wholesome, healthy and fresh meal at your table when you return from a tiring day or just don’t feel like cooking a grand dinner at home.

Yum Crust is committed to delivering healthy meal to every family of our town. That is why; we take care of your kid’s favorites and daddy’s unusual demands as well. Because we know how choices in the matter of food differ for everyone in your family. You can now order for everyone without worrying about large size portions. Yum Crust offers you the ease to order what you can consume. You can order three different dishes for three different people and still make sure there is no leftover.

In short, Yum Crust doesn’t only deliver food, it delivers love and warmth. It makes sure no one refrains from eating a wholesome meal just because they don’t consider going to restaurants healthy or because they don’t feel like cooking for themselves. Yum Crust is the best alternative for dining out daily. Because we know what eating out daily can do to your stomach and health. So just stay in your couch, pick up your phone, order what you love and keep your stomach happy and healthy.

Because Yum Crust is more than a meal kit.

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